About Us
  Dominion Resources Black Warrior Trust collects the proceeds attributable to the Royalty Interests (the overriding royalty interests conveyed to the Trust pursuant to the Overriding Royalty Conveyance (the Conveyance), dated effective June 1, 1994, from the Company to the Trust), entitling the holder thereof to 65% of the Gross Proceeds derived from the Company Interests (the Company's interest in natural gas properties in which the Company has an interest located in Alabama), as of June 1994, not burdened by the Royalty Interests) and makes cash distributions to Unitholders. Gross Proceeds are the aggregate amounts received by the Company Interests Owner (the Company while it owns all or part of the Company Interests and any other person or persons who acquire all or any part of the Company Interests or any operating rights therein other than a royalty, overriding royalty, production payment or net profits interest) attributable to the Company Interests from the sale of Subject Gas.
  Dominion Resources Black Warrior Trust (the “Trust”) was formed as a Delaware business trust pursuant to the Trust Agreement of Dominion Resources Black Warrior Trust (the”Trust Agreement”) entered into effective as of May 1, 1994 by and among Dominion Black Warrior Basin, Inc. (the “Company”), as trustor, Dominion Resources, Inc., as sponsor, and NationsBank of Texas, N.A., (the “Trustee”) and Mellon Bank (DE) National Association (the “Delaware Trustee”), as trustees. The Trust owns certain overriding royalty interests (the “Royalty Interests”) burdening proved natural gas properties in the Pottsville coal formation of the Black Warrior basin in Alabama (the “Underlying Properties”). The Royalty Interests are the only assets of the Trust other than cash and temporary investments being held for the payment of expenses and liabilities and for distribution to the Unitholders.  
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